History of the Braustüb´l

In 1847 Wilhelm and Jacob Rummel opend their first brewery and tavern. It was located next to the new built railroad "Rhein-Neckar" so they called it "Zur Eisenbahn" (which means "next to the trains).

Shortly this place became a symbol of innovation and movement. The world met over here, close to the brewery and enjoyed the delicious Beer, fresh as nowhere else.

According to the locomotive and the star in the trademark, the Darmstadt brewery is still a symbol of refreshing movement in Darmstadt.

Since 1999 the renewed Braustüb´l is building a bridge between tradition and innovation.

Here, in Darmstadt´s mother of taverns, you will be guest of the brewer himself. He offers all our beer specialities. And it is served freshly without any detour.

Lay back, relax and be a part of Darmstadts history. Take your time, try and enjoy all of our beers and our traditional food.

Cheers and Prost!

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